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Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes Benz) Germany (1926) New Mercedes-Benz cars B / a Mercedes-Benz cars All about the Mercedes-Benz Autoclubs Mercedes-Benz General information "Mercedes-Benz» (Mercedes-Benz) - German company specializing in the production of cars and engines, based in 1926godu. Headquartered in Stuttgart. He is currently a subsidiary of the concern "Daimler-Benz." The history of corporations After his death in 1900, Gottlieb Daimler car manufacturing business continued by his son Paul and Maybach engineer. All management company took over Wilhelm Maybach, Daimler's loyal assistant. In 1900 he began designing a new car. He had a classical arrangement of parts - the engine and the radiator located in front under the bonnet, the drive was through a gear transmission to the rear wheels. On the new car was a 4-cylinder engine with 35 hp The first sample was designed as a two-seater racing car. The model was named Mercedes, after the daughter of one of the owners of the company - an Austrian businessman, diplomat and the avid racer Emil Jellinek. In 1899godu on this car improved design for the next race won Jellinek, famous throughout the world the company "Daimler" and the name "Mercedes." Since that time, all the cars the company "Daimler" were produced under the brand name Mercedes. The very first Mercedes also served as a basis for a better car "Mercedes Simplex," opened the era of the most powerful and comfortable cars of this brand. Daimler has decided to use the good name and registered the name as a trademark. in 1902. A personally built the car for Mr. Jellinek was granted its own name: "Emile Jelinek-Mercedes". In 1921 Mercedes made a pioneer in the manufacture of cars with supercharged, and in 1923 made a bet on the six-liter engine model, which became a base for modification to the chassis korotkobaznym - Model K, and then the Model S. On the basis of a new version has been created - Mercedes Model SS At that time the most eminent engineers who created the name of the concern Deimler-Benz, was Ferdinand Porsche, Fritz and Hans Niebel Nallinger. The first production cars were equipped with stosilnym engine that can develop when you turn on the blower output to 140 hp, then the displacement of the engine was increased to 7 liters, which served as a starting point for creating a sports car with the engine SSK 170/125 hp and the speed limit of such models has reached about 160 km. / hr. The next step was refined and shortened version of "SSKL" with an engine rated at 300 hp - An absolute favorite of the many sporting events of those years. In 1926 Deimler Geselschaft Benz und Co, and began negotiating a merger, and the result of their union became a three-beam star, symbolizing the three elements, subordinate to group machines - air, water and land. This is the official emblem of the company Daimler-senior has become a common concern for the new and the cars were delivered to the market is already under the brand name Mercedes-Benz. In the 30s, the company Mercedes-Benz has established itself as a developer and manufacturer of luxury automobiles, when Hans Niebel prepared to release a model 770 Grosser. Under the hood hiding this giant 7.7-liter supercharged, so heavy-duty machine for the time used a special demand for high-level customers, including the ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II and Emperor Hirohito of Japan, and the following modification of the vehicle, which was launched into production only in the 1938-1939 , was intended exclusively for the top of the "Third Reich". Ordinary consumer was offered a fairly cheap model "Type-170", with a tubular frame, independent front and rear suspension, which began production in 1931. A few years later the group began to produce the first diesel passenger cars, by offering customers a 2.6-liter "Type A-260", and a team of designers under the direction of Porsche is preparing to manufacture zadnemotoronye model: "130 N", "150 N" and "170 N" that are of great interest. In the early 40s in Germany, dramatically increased demand for luxury cars of the powerful Mercedes. They are produced on special orders for the Heads of State and Government, high-ranking Nazis, as well as those who are not traditional cars seem ambitious, the whole plant of Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. After the Second World War, returned to the car Mercedes sports car and even won the race "24 Hours of Le Mans" in 1952. In 1963 he was released on the model "600", which was, according to its manufacturer, to make the car market competition Rolls-Royce. When in November 1979 provided the public a new generation of large sedans representative S-class Statement (W126) car manufacturer Daimler-Benz, it was already announced that they will become the best cars of the 1980s. And it was true. In May 1991 the company officially announced the termination of the production range W126. In the 80 years the tone of the market luxury cars Japanese firms began to set. However, European automakers have taken the fight courageously: an example of this is the latest model Mercedes S-class in its 12-cylinder variant, confirming the high competitiveness of German technology. The famous Mercedes 600S has Xtra reliability, capable of sharp turns, despite its size, and has many other fine features, so it is considered one of the best cars made by this company. With the advent of the November 1982 Model 190 (W201) Mercedes-Benz company has captured the championship in the prestige car segment in the European Class D. In September 1983 the premiere of the highly anticipated model 190D, which immediately became popular with taxi drivers. In May 1993, Daimler-Benz plant in Bremen was a change of models with a body on the W201 sedans C-klasse (W202). Mercedes E-class, a series of upper-middle-class cars. First shown in 1984. The new generation appeared in 1995. In Frankfurt in 1997 before modifying the E 55 AMG and engine V8. With the 2000 models are equipped with engines of 270 CDI and 320 CDI. The most popular Mercedes-Benz became the all-time series with the factory body index W124. A total of eleven years had produced more than 2.7 million copies. Mercedes SL - Luxury sports car with a body roadster with a removable roof. The model was first presented in Geneva in 1989. In 1992 added a new range of modification - SL600. In the spring of 2001, a new generation of these machines. The debut of S-class (W140) in Geneva in 1991 created a furore. In size, luxury and interior capacity, as well as the quality of the materials used W140 was not equal. The production is so beloved, "Elephant" was stopped in the second half of 1998, replacing it with the newest, more compact (at least superficially) S-klasse with body W220. First Mercedes series C, the middle class car (sedan), was screened in April 1993. Since autumn 1995 is equipped with a compressor, is among the most dynamic cars in this segment. The second generation of small Mercedes-Benz under the name C-klasse (W202) came into being in April 1993. Mercedes-Benz SLK, two-seater roadster with a folding roof, first introduced in April 1996 in Turin. The car has received over 35 international prizes and awards, including the "Golden Steering Wheel" (Germany, 1996), "The Most Beautiful Car of the World" (Italy, 1996), "Car of the Year" (USA, 1997), "The Best Convertible of the World" (Germany, 1998), "The most popular convertible" (Italy, 1999). The family of trucks Vito (Mercedes-Benz V-class) in 1996, won the title of the best van of the year. Family Sprinter includes nine basic models and 137 of their modifications. Mercedes ML combines the most important characteristics of an SUV, minivan, station wagon and a car, being a multi-purpose vehicle. The family of off-road vehicles, and permanent all-wheel-drive manufactured in the USA. The model was first introduced in 1997. Since October 1997, successfully sold the family of compact cars, Mercedes-Benz A-Class. In 2000 this family rejuvenate virtually unchanged. Mercedes-Benz CLK - the family car with a coupe and convertible bodies intermediate class between C and E, was established on the basis of class C. The first model with the CLK coupé was featured in winter 1997 in Detroit. Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR - the road is a unique version of a racing car class GTR «Grand Turismo." Production of a limited edition (25 pcs.). The first presentation - November 1998. In an effort to expand the range of products, the company launched a brand new car - a subcompact Smart. 1998 - The merger of the concern "Daimler-Benz" AG and the company, "Chrysler Corporation." Mercedes Vision SLR Roadster Concept, two-seater sports car was unveiled in Detroit in July 1999. The model used in Formula 1 racing. In 2007, during Franfurkte introduced a new concept car F700. As conceived by the manufacturer, it must demonstrate the harmony of the dynamics and environmental friendliness, high performance and low fuel consumption. F700 - the first car in the world, able to detect road conditions and deal with irregularities due to the active suspension PRE-SCAN: two laser scanners analyze the road surface, and the suspension adjusted to it. The Mercedes-Benz still remains at the top of the automotive industry, as well as 100 years ago. Making high-quality cars and engines, stellar group of renowned brand in the form of three-beam star has been a century consistently maintains a leading position in the automotive and high competitiveness.
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