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In recent years, interest in the fair sex in cars has grown considerably, as evidenced by not only the number of women drivers on the roads, but also attention to the female audience of the major automakers. Global automobile giants in addition, that come to grips with the production of niche vehicles for the ladies, began to create special marketing centers that are engaged exclusively in the study of women's needs in choosing a car. A requirement of the fair sex to travel for short, are as follows - the car must be safe, practical, roomy and comfortable. Here, based on these criteria, highlighting the most powerful in every way, we try to make the top ten cars that would best meet the needs of women.On the tenth place in our Hall of Fame is located Volvo S40. If you choose this car will be the main criterion for security - reinforced body structure, the maximum possible deformation zone, a large number of airbags will protect not only the adult passengers, and children. However, the design of the Swedes, too, guessed, S40 in the road does not cause the flow to his condescending attitude that the only benefit to representatives of "weak" sex. Up a notch, we have put a compact crossover BMW X3. Such a place of "Bavarian", despite its muscular appearance, earned thanks to the intelligent all-wheel drive system xDrive. This system is indispensable for the hostess X3 in every driving situation - whether it's in heavy traffic urban "jungle" on a snowy road or on the road "to my grandmother in the village." On the eighth position stands out Audi TT, which does not fit the criteria outlined above, but good enough lover to the best of dynamic and aggressive driving, which we could not ignore. Swift car will not only envious rivals on the road the stream, but also respectful attitudes of men.Next located the representative premium Lexus IS, Sedan that will satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of motorists. This car has everything you need for comfortable and carefree drive - cruise control, simply irreplaceable front and rear parking sensors, stability control system and a myriad of different drawers, pockets and glove compartments. In sixth place were isolated Toyota Auris - probably the best deal on the price / quality ratio. Keeping in mind the fact that the Japanese automaker in recent years led various reliability ratings, we can assume that by investing a relatively small amount of money, the newly formed avtolyubitelnitsa save yourself from problems with the movement for quite a long period of time.Perhaps one of the first cars specifically addressed to women, has settled in our honorary fifth place. This is a Nissan Micra. This compact car every woman will find a stylish and reliable friend. However, in this case, it is possible that at some point, a friend of you seem pretty boring and want something more.In fourth place in the rating was a bit unexpected car. But it is only at first sight! After all, every woman wants to be the one and only! And it is the latest generation Honda Civic will be able to help with this on the road. No one will ever confuse you with someone else! So here in supporting roles will be and practicality, and capacity, and comfort!Three leaders opens one of the most popular among Ukrainian avtolyubitelnits SUV - Lexus RX. This car is in addition to convenience, practicality and safety offers a bright and unobtrusive design. Behind the wheel of the car the woman will feel as secure and independent - in fact the price of the machine indicates that the owner of everything in life has turned out!In second place was deservedly revived Fiat 500, which has recently received many awards for a variety of design, safety, innovation. In our opinion, this is the best woman avtomobilchik will reveal their identity and feel comfortable in the turbulent flow of city traffic and tight parking spaces. There are as many as 500 (!) Options individually trim the Fiat 500.And finally, the leader! Like every kind rating, our top-10 seems subjective to someone, and it will be true. Yet, whoever that may say, but in our opinion, the most-most feminine car is a Mini Cooper. Like every woman, this machine may seem small and fragile in appearance, but have a strong character!P.S. However, there is still a moment. Frankly, we made all efforts to disengage from the Ukrainian realities in which most women can confidently call the car not only luxurious Porsche Cayenne and the BMW 6 Series, but even a deliberately aggressive and muscular Hummer and BMW X5. Small machines for womenFor a modern, focused and confident of the fair sex, favors not only fashionable and stylish car, but the quality and functionality. Mazda confidently takes the position demanded by women's car, which can safely claim to be the vehicles for avtolyubitelnits, attracting them with its "harmony" and compactness.Mainly in Europe of a woman driving a Mazda argue the above statement. At home, fell in love with the Mazda 2 thanks to a miniature size dimensions instead of a bulk of their older "brothers" of the familiar Mazda 3 and Mazda's sports crossover CX 7.On top of this line of cars, which is important for racers flirtatious, characterized by high reliability and modern design. This version of the car for the city can not fail to attract attention to its owner thanks to the compactness and "briskness", which will incidentally in daily traffic jams or those specific to our country's poor roads, consuming a lot of nerve and strength.Peugeot - 1007 another car, allowing the weaker sex to enjoy the lead on the road. Many men become embarrassed by the fact that the so-called "female" model is now produced with the same characteristics as the "male". The compact model will allow a female to win the market, because many men think it beneath their dignity to get into the tiny car, losing a lot of advantages.Manual Peugeot can not do without the outrageous and innovation, proving this by the example model in 1007, exploding consciousness of persons worried-what the important role played by the world-famous Pininfarina studio, design a baby. Despite the modest exterior dimensions, the model is quite roomy inside, and allows you to comfortably accommodate both passengers and luggage without taking up useful space in the cabin. For the forgetful ladies provided an automatic door lock, but for the lazy or inexperienced - an automatic transmission. Petrol engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters able to develop power from 75 to 110 horsepower, respectively. A stunning outer beauty and elegance of the ladies to provide the attention and interested views. Rules of buying a car for women.Private car - a sign of stability and prosperity, confidence, constant help in solving daily affairs. And then a list of adjectives to infinity. Of course, if necessary, allowed to use the shuttle bus or trolley, and, to order a taxi or ask a colleague a lift, but have their own cars are much more comfortable. Lead car always has been and will be fashionable elite, comfortable! Buying car - an art separate rite, act with many strangers. It is clear that is impossible to cover all the nuances, but let's try to focus on the core.If you are the lucky one, dreams and the probability of which is matched to the embodiment of desire remains the plunge, remember that the main criteria when choosing and buying a car are:Selection of makes and models. In the foreground - their own aesthetic preferences and advice, but all cars have to like you better choose the investigative favorite color car.The cost of cars. There is a judgment that the future car owner without possible financial zagvozdok be to permit a car at a price not greater than his annual salary. It is necessary to consider also the unpleasant but necessary "stuff": car alarm, registration of insurance, payment for the registration of a car, buying a garage. Do not forget the cost to the content of the model: SUVs use about 30-40 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, passenger cars - much cheaper to run: 8-15 liters for the same distance. Add the cost of technical services - and we get to own an iron horse a year will have to spend 10-12% of the amount paid for the purchase. Class cars. Think not only of personal preference, however, and where and how to apply car. If you plan to travel around the city - sensibly prefer "midget" is often traveling - look at the bulk station wagon, love to drive yourself - get three-door car (it is not dangerous and usually cheaper than the five-door equivalent). For an ordinary movement in space (traveling to work) is better to prefer a car with a body "sedan." If you need additional space (for transportation of household products, or animal), best fit "hatchback" or "universal."Auto Service. Think about the warranty station and auto parts stores have in your village and you can afford a car service is selected. The most common mistakes: Do not get a car without a "rapid test drive." This tea is allowed to compare to buy shoes without trying them. Focus on advertising. Advertising rates differ from the actual minimum the amount of tax. Full trust an insurance agent. His task - as permitted to obtain more funds from an inexperienced driver, consequently observant comprehend the price list of the insurance company. Failure diagnosis. This is an extremely safe when buying b / a car. Greed. Lowered the cost should not involve, as cause for concern. Inattention at registration. According to the influential publication Forbes, rating of the most famous cars in the past was as follows: Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Peugeot 207, Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Yaris.Another one aspect that deserves attention - the emergence of women on the road while driving. Banality, which still continues to do for the male drivers about how advertising: how to be anything special, but very nervous! With this should come to terms, so that there is more than even the idea - "Women's and men's car." What is it and how to recognize them?Traditionally, men choose bulky SUV car or a representative of business and premium class, while women more often choose "small car", however recently this border is actually erased. For men, self - image of it before, a sign of a certain rank. This car, as a rule, overall, tea is the size required to identify the seriousness of its owner. Often the "men's cars" used for travel in the country, consequently it must not fit easily into a huge company, however, and ekvipment for a picnic. When choosing a car before all men pay attention to the amount of luggage. Leaders of men's choice - versatile, then - pick-up and third place - sedans. It looks something like this: Audi Q7, Mitsubishi L200, Chrysler 300C.The current car for a woman - not a comfortable means of transportation, however, and an integral part of the genre. The main parameters that must match the "female" car: excellent design and ease of management, but in the first place remains a "like / dislike!" Comfort in the car - the main factor influencing the selection of his: Lady just prefer one that is equipped with air conditioning, manual transmission and an integrated audio system, with little understanding of technical features.Many women choose the type of car and convenience, and only then draws attention to the model. The maximum demand is for a car of brilliant colors: yellow, red, silver. Among the brands that are most often chosen by women who attract the attention of: Ford Fiesta, Mazda 323, Renault Twingo, Opel Tigra, Audi TT, Opel Astra, Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Colt, Toyota CIn addition, last year, women are more likely to buy cars Kia (46,8 per cent from sales of stamps), Honda (46 percent), Nissan (45,5 percent) and Subaru (45 percent). By the number of cars purchased American girls took first place mark of Toyota: for every thousand vehicles purchased women living in the U.S., had 157 cars of Japanese brands. In second place on the demand for women's cars Honda, which accounted for 14 percent of sales. This is followed by brand Ford (10 percent), Chevrolet (8,9 percent) and Nissan (8,8 percent). In general, the last year in the proportion of women had 38.5 percent of car sales. As previously reported, in 2010 the most sold brand in the U.S. was Ford (1,76 million cars sold). In addition, the top three car brands include Chevrolet (1,57 million units) and Toyota (1,53 million).
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