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Auto-moto tuning Russia Project Automotives tuning Russia dedicated to the development of the Russian tuning cars and motorbikes. Collected photos with auto-tuning motor show, tuning shops and a Russian firm in which you can perform certain work on tuning the car or motorcycle. Project Automotives tuning Russia is not a commercial - you can add a tuning company for free. - Auto-Moto tuning Russia Semi Auto: not to produce and grow. Imagine a car that is not produced at the plant, but grown. It sounds a bit strange. Nevertheless, it is on this path has to go a certain design firm in Los Angeles, to sound the concept of semi-solid vehicle (SRC). The vehicle is designed in the image of a biological organism. It will be bone, muscle, skin, and even the food - a kind of fuel. This concept car was designed using three-dimensional technology, based on the use of modern metals and steels. Only in case the car they were replaced by synthetic and biological materials, which mimics the structure of molecules. Something similar can be seen in the Bio-Concept Mercedes-Benz Biome, for example. Polymeric materials - such as rubber, resin, silicone - would be used in the construction of the vehicle. All used materials to create a car would take its position - from soft to semi-solid and solid, depending on the purpose of construction (frame, chassis, outer shell). The thickness of the materials used in the building, would vary depending on the length and width of the car. This would create a variable capacity of the vehicle, and in some cases, to ensure transparency of the body, making it possible for people sitting in the car to see all the neighbors on road flow. The use of synthetic and biological materials would give the SRC is also an increased ability to absorb energy in case of accident. In fact, the collision of a car of the future, not only would not be damaged, but, rather, would absorb the impact energy and compression, collect them for later use, even if it is not installed GPS receiver, such as this - http://gps-russian .ru/auto_gps/garmin-nuvi-1490t. Something similar was done in the example of Nissan iV "grown in the garden." As for the shape of the body, it would be quickly returned to its original state by the natural elasticity. For modern cars, the body which is made of metal, such regeneration is impossible. Such a concept designer from Los Angeles. They are, incidentally, also offer to produce fuel from algae. Tanks are invited to place them directly into the car, and draw energy by converting it the natural raw materials, can be straight on the road. If equipped with tanks LED lighting, the energy production will continue in the dark. Interestingly, in case of need the owner will be able to easily move the car to any location. Since it is completely created from light synthetic material, it can be folded like an umbrella, and an emergency to bring it home in my hand is not difficult. You can also read about the concept of eco-friendly Toyota NORI from algae. The doors of 'organic' car will be able to respond not only to chemical signals emitted by the owner, but also to respond to the motion of its tendon, scanning the muscular movement of the body. The concept of a futuristic and very interesting. The only question is whether it will ever become a reality. If it did happen, then the automotive industry will have to undergo fundamental changes.
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