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What is the cruise control The device that controls the rate at which the car is moving - it's cruise control. Its mounted on a car with a different transmission (automatic transmission and manual transmission). Cruise control there two types of adaptive and passive. Passive (PCC) - maintains the constant speed auto, which asked the driver of the car. This cruise control is very convenient, especially for longer trips, which accounted for to keep your foot on the gas pedal, as a result of very tired legs. While the driver itself does not change the speed by pressing on the gas pedal or brake (when forced to stop or overtaking another car), the rate which is set to remain unchanged. Only then is turned off cruise control But the car driver should release the gas pedal or brake, cruise control will regain control of the vehicle and maintain a given rate until the next time "intervention" driver. Although the motion of cars is also possible to change the setting of cruise control. Cruise Control ACC (Adaptive) is similar to the passive cruise control, only a more advanced version. This cruise control does not allow to approach the car, marching in front of more than a specified distance. If the car is going ahead, slow down, this will include cruise control brake system. The work of the cruise control is similar to the work of City Safety, although the City Safety can only work at a speed of not more than 30 km / h ACC depends on how the safety systems ESP and ABS, this is what distinguishes it from the PCC. So if suddenly some system of these two will be defective, then the ACC off, warning the driver, the display signal. Yandex Ads Fashionable Women's horoscope. We know that the stars are advised. Read your horoscope for Kuruza.Ua! Adaptive cruise control is divided into two types: radar and laser. Laser has a more affordable price, but they have a drawback: when the weather is bad the laser loses its properties, as well as bad "sees" a dirty car. Radar is more expensive and therefore more effective. So long as they are placed only on expensive sports cars and auto executive class. Although not entirely trust the ACC is. There may be cases in which the ACC can detect erroneous vehicle in front. To prevent this, the driver should always be on the road to watch very carefully. The appearance of the first car that was equipped with cruise kontorol occurred in 1958. They became the Chrysler Imperia. Cruise control system installed in the car, led by a solenoid control over the supply of fuel, which was conducted in the combustion chamber. Later, these systems have appeared, which led control of fuel injection by measuring wheel speed, engine RPM reading level, or the speedometer. Appeared rather late adaptive cruise control, only in 1999, it began to be used on car Mersedes-Bens. Cruise control, which appeared in 2006, the car was able to completely "fix" to the car in front and was named Full Adaptive. Such a system could disperse on their own cars up to speed, which was the vehicle ahead, or stop it. Why do many hijacked cars?  Many cars smuggled to other parts of the country, say goodbye to their owners. Let's try to understand the causes of mass theft of vehicles, as well as the most basic ways to protect against theft of private cars. The main reasons for hijacking The main factors contributing to high levels of avtokrazh a few: Imperfection of legislative base. The relatively poorly developed system of motor insurance. The widespread practice of "redemption" of their cars from criminals. Many cars simply returned to the owner of 30-50% of its market value. Ineffective law enforcement fight vehicle theft. Easy to legalize stolen car. Many cars stolen "just ride" The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation improper acquisition of another vehicle prescribed in Articles 166 (theft), 158 (theft). When you can not prove self-serving motive autothieves, and often what happens, the maximum that he "shines" is three years st.166. Russian legislation lags behind similar countries in the EU, and the laws of most former Soviet republics. There is any misappropriation of another's vehicle is uniquely treated as theft. On a voluntary auto insurance Car insurance for the hull, can scare off some autothieves specializing in personal auto thefts for ransom. The sticker on the insurance company's personal car rear window will make it clear to the potential offender, that the owner will always advocate for insurance claims, and it is easier to wait for insurance payments, you pay a ransom. The owners of many cars prefer not to receive a sticker, or to keep it together with other documents, thereby depriving themselves of the opportunity to use this additional protection. However, in comparison with EU countries, the development of insurance market in Russia is far behind. Discourage car ownership high tariffs and lack of a flexible choice of insurance products. Most insurance companies do not insure the risk of "hijacking" separately, but only in conjunction with the risk of "damage", most often it is unprofitable to the owners of used cars. How many cars are hijacked for ransom? Despite the lack of official statistics, over 50% of car theft is carried out for ransom, in some regions this level even more. Many cars returned for redemption does not fall into the police official chronicles. No need to legalize the stolen vehicle, or sell its parts, makes this method is the most common type of theft. Pushing for this and the ratio of ordinary car owners who agree to buy your car from criminals. Most criminals come into contact with the victim, insisting that he would have filed a declaration of loss of vehicle, with a request to return for a fee. The calculation is simple, the representative of the criminal community, in the event of his capture by police in the transmission of money, may refer to the announcement, saying that the car found by accident. Problems solved car theft In Russia, the level of crime associated with theft of motor vehicles, less than 20%. Insufficient knowledge of the staff and personnel shortages do not allow to really improve on the performance of detection of this type of crime. Sometimes some "unscrupulous" the police themselves are involved in criminal schemes, acting as informants or promoting the legalization of stolen vehicles. Many cars stolen previously passed through a "clean". Often falls short in comparison with autothieves and technical equipment of police officers. Today's thieves have master keys than usual, and modern equipment to scan car alarms. How do you hijack a car? Not all thefts occur at night. Many cars (not less than 35%) sneaks in the afternoon. Usually the victim for some time tracking down, anti-theft alarm signal is read by the scanner. More waiting, when the host vehicle away for a while, sometimes for 2 minutes, the following occurs: Deactivates alarm car. Opened the door, sometimes to break into the car just broken one of the ventilator doors. With the "twist" made of durable metal cracked the lock striker. Sometimes used instead a set of master keys. The car starts and hijacked. At night, except for professional burglars are active less sophisticated criminals (mostly among drug addicts). Many cars "goes" with the yards and other non-protected sites. Methods of stealing trade autothieves the same as during the day. Beginners can proceed as follows: Mount pushed the bonnet. With the battery terminals are reset to disable the alarm (a lot of cars in our country is equipped with autonomous power supply without the alarm). Ventilator is broken at the back door, the door opens. Alarm is deactivated. Broken by the larva of the castle. Terminals are put in place. The engine is started. The car starts to move from their seats. To avoid such a sad ending to be concerned about the safe overnight stay, with a protected territory stolen car garage co-operatives are much rarer. The correct set of anti-theft protection will scare most attackers. By being an elementary observation, one can often calculate the ongoing covert surveillance of the machine. How to save your car from theft? Many cars could avoid theft, if car owners have taken care to protect them. Of course, even the most expensive and tricky alarm did not give an absolute guarantee. On the question of protection is an integrated approach. Alarm system with independent power supply will disconnect the battery useless during the hijacking. The combination of electronic and mechanical anti-theft systems are also seriously complicate the lives of avtougonschika. The most serious alarm is meaningless if it is not included. So gone away, even for 2-3 minutes (often criminals and their lack of) is to include car alarm. A good effect is the use of satellite signal. The downside is the high cost of installation and monthly payments. An interesting way to protect could be causing your car to the airbrush. Criminals often opt for a car theft inconspicuous, not attracting undue attention. While airbrushing thing is not cheap, the unusual color of the car will make a significant and therefore not interesting for attackers. Airbrushing has also protect and decorate your "iron horse." The choice of parking space is as important to protect against theft. Autothieves prefer not to mess with garage cooperatives, especially equipped with a system of video cameras. Paid parking gives weaker compared to the garage cooperatives protection. Hijackings occur frequently and are often criminals on the road show car owners left in the car receipt. Based on the foregoing, we can draw the following conclusion - many cars would avoid theft in the event of a serious relationship owners to protect them. Aerobatics driver or driving in traffic jams Let's talk about how to learn to ride slowly. Of course, riding a nasty little, but what can you do - you can not escape it. Let us learn to ride in the "traffic jam" in the flow, "a snail's pace." Only one thing can comfort you in this situation: a slow ride - it's aerobatics, high quality craftsmanship. And our task - to become aces at the wheel ... So, you hit the "stopper". And no end in sight to the flow of cars. Moving an hour of a teaspoon ... Do not rush to the country - at a business meeting, upon which your future. Apparently, many in this "traffic jam" is also being addressed future: «BMW» to the right did not survive and went to overtake, but overtaking is impossible. Emergency, tension hanging over the cluster of machines, blow whistles powerful, and ready to go to overtake all over. It's not even "plug" and a lot of small. Do not just have to see how the drivers, leaving the steering wheel, flew out of their cars and began to sort things out. So what, "plug" absorbed? As you can imagine, the situation is only delayed. Our advice - do not be nervous. Alas, there's life in such situations even the most omnipotent people - when things do not depend on you (though you and architect of his own happiness). Hence, we take these events for granted. And think of something high, perpetual, pleasant, an outsider ... About that, what we do not have enough time in the hustle bustle of life. And in order to devote full flow of ideas, the movement "a snail's pace" should be worked out to automatism. Includes first gear, the left leg squeezes the clutch pedal, right - on the gas pedal or brakes, depending on whether you are traveling or standing. Suppose the flow is always moving, but very slowly. You gently press the gas pedal, slightly releasing the clutch pedal. The car ahead slows down or stops - you squeeze the clutch, release the gas. If necessary, slows down a bit. This movement should be very smooth, without jerks and roar. And no matter how closely, as if any were pressing on you, keep your distance! It's a pity if the rear of the car will not perform this rule - sitting on the "tail" are very nervous. A general "plug" - a great place for anger management. In general, the "traffic jam" a lot can change your mind and much to understand. Perhaps you will take for the immutable rule to go to a business meeting for half an hour ahead of time ... Well, if the "cap" - on level ground. And if it originated on the uphill road or downhill? There will need your ability to handle the hand brake. So, analyze the movement "a snail's pace" in the hill. The machine is on brake. You begin to move, including first gear, slowly lowering the brake lever, releasing the clutch pedal gently and smoothly pressing the gas pedal. As always, it is better to train on the hill, where there is no one around. You run for the movement to automatism and boring ride - standing in the "traffic" - you will not be as boring. By the way, this cluster of machines you can create an interesting, appropriate introduction to those who are standing beside the car. As you can see, even the most hopeless situation could turn into a gift of fate - all in your hands. But once again we recall that for this to happen, you should feel free man, independent of the machine, or create a "plug" that is, your movements should be practiced to automaticity. Success! Cars in America - especially purchases Because of certain peculiarities of Russian cars auto companies, many motorists prefer to buy foreign-made cars. On the road you can see the cars from different countries, there are also some cars from America. Despite the geographical distance that come from the U.S., Canada, foreign cars occupy a significant segment of the Russian car market. What caused the demand for cars in America? Despite the proximity of the EU and Japan, some car owners agree to pay a lot of money and wait for about two months in the United States purchased the vehicle. Main reasons may be several: Cars from America, even in the base case have better equipment than the similar models produced for the European or Asian market. The American consumer is spoiled by the attention automakers. Machines in the minimum configuration for a huge competition in the American car market will not find a buyer. More options compared to other auto market. In the United States and Canada there are not only machines local automakers, many cars are sold production of Japanese and European automakers. All shipped from the U.S. cars have left the location of the helm. A wealthy car enthusiast does not want to wait for their turn on the car a premium for the Russian dealer. In some regions, sometimes faster to bring her from the States than a few months, expect the Order to local dealerships. Cars from the USA - ways to buy To purchase a vehicle from the United States does not necessarily go there myself. There are several options for acquiring a vehicle: Through the American dealers. On the trading floors of the American Auto Auctions. Auctions have accredited companies or intermediaries. Independently without the involvement of commercial firms. Acquisition of machinery acquaintances or relatives who live in America. Purchase of cars from auto dealers across America Is not the most common method. Through online resources selling cars in the U.S. is an interesting option. Further, the site will list dealers willing to provide the desired vehicle and contact details. Then you need to check with the selected vendor for details of the deal, and arrange a contract with him. This option is quite risky, because the great chance to buy low-quality goods. His status will be judged by the photos, which may not always be current. About the American auto auctions Cars from the United States is most often purchased through the auto auctions, taking place in the U.S. and Canada at numerous shopping venues. The main ones are: Manheim - the most famous auction. Works with 1945. With sales of around 10,000 vehicles per day. Randomly organizations and individuals access here is closed. It provides comprehensive data about the history, the technical condition of vehicles offered for sale. Includes more than hundreds of marketplaces in the U.S. and Canada. IAAI - in this auction sold vehicles placed on the sale of various insurance companies, after the payment of insurance compensation. The machine is set in the form in which it was after the accident. Trading between dealers shall have passed registration. Copart - an auction, where it is often sold cars had been in accidents (salvage). The level and nature of the damage can seriously differ with each individual vehicle. Participation in the auction requires a fairly good knowledge of car repair, or high risk of unfavorable purchase. Requires registration as a dealer. Adesa - Canada's auction, more youthful in comparison to Manheim, however, are very good. Has lower prices. It also provides a complete history of selling cars. In the auction may participate only to registered dealers. The level requirements for them are also very high. Ebay-online auction is available to everyone. High availability and low reliability make it the most risky to buy a car auction. Purchase of vehicles through an accredited dealer for auction Most of all cars in America becoming a registered dealer, or through an intermediary company. It is preferable to purchase directly from the registered dealer at auction. Thus the chain of intermediaries is eliminated, leading to more expensive car. In view of the serious attitude the organizers of major auto auctions in the financial position and reputation of its members, accredited by the firm is a more reliable partner than an ordinary agent. This method is the most reliable and least troublesome, but not the cheapest. Independent participation in the auto auction Unfortunately, most auctions do not allow participation without registration. Therefore, the ordinary people it is practically impossible to get. It remains to be satisfied by public auction such as Ebay. Easy availability of such auctions play into the hands of various dishonest vendors that sell defective cars or even selling "air". Purchase of vehicles from the United States through the American family Another option is to purchase the machine by someone from the family members who are in the U.S. or Canada. This option is slightly extended in the obvious reasons (not everyone has relatives in America). But if that option is available, it is reasonable to take advantage of their help in buying a car. They will be able to personally inspect the vending vehicle. However, finding a suitable area of ​​the vehicle will be limited to residence of relatives. Additional costs when buying a car from America Always when buying a car, except for the actual cost of its purchase there are a number of costs, which include: The cost of shipping. Customs expenses. Place to pay the warehouse of temporary storage (WTS). The cost of shipping a car At the conclusion of the contract to supply vehicles with avtofirmoy, all costs of transportation "to the threshold" is already included in the price. If you come for the delivery of the car itself, it can be done only by licensed U.S. freight forwarder. Services offered American and Russian organizations. Choosing a company registered in Russia, the motorist will encounter another broker, who laid in the cost of delivering his commission. Cooperation with U.S. truckers except for the presence of the language barrier is preferred. Before choosing a particular carrier is to study in detail the list of services. In addition to the actual delivery of services should be included customs clearance of cars in the U.S. for export. It is worth to the presence of the site or warehouse in the port for storage of vehicles. He will see to loading cars purchased on board. Customs cares Finally, the long-awaited vehicle enters the port of discharge. Cars from the United States are issued by Customs as well as foreign cars from Japan and the EU, imported into the territory of the Russian foreign cars. Registration is made in the customs department at the place of registration of the vehicle owner. After receiving the information sent from the port of the machine should be in the United States Department of Customs, located in the community, make a deposit amount of the customs. It is calculated from the date of issue, the volume of motor vehicle. When the calculated amount of the deposit exceeds the customs payment, the difference is returned to the car owner. Customs When importing a natural person CU law provides for a uniform tariff rate. The size of it depends on engine size, model year vehicle. On machines from three to five years, the lowest calculated bid. Sometimes, the customs payment on a vehicle older than 5 years may be several times larger the total cost of (prohibitive tariffs), making it unprofitable business purchase. Car dealers have a gradation of machines on the "bushing" (with a moderate duty) and the "no-go" (with a high import duty). This is important! The car, purchased abroad, should be liable for environmental class Euro-4, or customs clearance, it will not work. In spite of lower tariffs on certain categories of cars for businesses, importing a car through a legal entity may lead to charges of parallel imports. Parallel imports - imports of goods into the country under a certain trademark without the permission of its owner. Can lead to serious legal consequences including the confiscation of the car. So before you perform the import vehicle entity is to make inquiries about how calm response to such actions of the trademark holder. There were analyzed the key features of facing motorists have purchased cars from America. Having even a basic knowledge of chances to buy a car that will last more than a year, significantly increasing.
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