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Faced with the need to insure your car, you can rely on an insurance company in the hope that your situation is deeply explore and find the best insurance policy. However, as experience shows, if you want to get the best, it is necessary to understand this myself. First of all, find out what types of auto insurance there are now and what are you more profitable.

Although the sites of insurance companies you can find many types of insurance policies, in fact, they are not so much, and to understand them is not difficult. Types of car insurance depends on whom and on what hedge. Today, auto insurance is represented by such species:

Hull (car insurance), or CTP insurance third party liability (compulsory motor insurance), accident insurance (typically this policy either ignore or standard insurance already has this coverage.)

In making your choice auto insurance, make sure your life insurance, life and health of your passengers, as well as third parties who may be affected by your own fault. In addition, care must be taken and for compensation of possible damage to the car.
Would you like it or not, but every year you have to think about insurance for your car. Auto insurance has many advantages. Yet there are also some disadvantages. If you want insurance for your car is costing you as cheaply as possible, but at the same time was helpful in case of an accident, we advise you to further explore this issue. Even if you do not buy the first year of his insurance policy, you should keep your finger on the pulse. Consider the most frequently asked questions about auto insurance. How often do I need to buy an insurance policy? Most drivers get car insurance policy for a period of about a year. But it all depends on your needs. Is it possible to obtain insurance payments?At first glance, of course, auto insurance CASCO frees you from any feelings, because you will be reimbursed for any costs associated with any damage to the car. However, in order to receive insurance payments, you will need to prove the fact of theft, fire, etc. Know in advance that should be taken in each case to avoid possible future problems. Automobile insurance is strictly controlled by legislation. With your hand must be met all the requirements of the insurance contract: to confirm the incident, in time to notify the insurance agent to collect all necessary documents, etc. If you have fulfilled all the requirements correctly, you are guaranteed to receive insurance payments within one month. What is auto insurance hull insurance? Auto insurance CASCO is voluntary. Speaking in a nutshell, the hull - insurance "iron", but not people. There are three types of hull. Which one to choose depends on your budget. At first glance, of course, auto insurance CASCO frees you from any feelings, because you will be reimbursed for any costs associated with any damage to the car. However, in order to receive insurance payments, you will need to prove the fact of theft, fire, etc. Know in advance that should be taken in each case to avoid possible future problems. What is CTP car insurance? CTP, in contrast to the hull, is a compulsory insurance. Each driver is required to obtain auto insurance for a certain amount of CTP. TPL policies cover damage caused by fault of your own life, health, and property of a third person. What is the cost to insure a car? Prices for auto insurance are very different. In case of voluntary insurance You can choose the amount by which insure. For compulsory insurance you should be insured for an amount not less than a certain minimum compulsory insurance. Prices for car insurance also depends on factors such as: 1) The term of the contract, 2) the driving experience, 3) the amount specified in the contract drivers 4) Type of vehicle 5) the volume of the engine, 6) place of registration. How to choose an insurance company? To get started, you need to decide whether you want to make auto insurance company in this country, or you no longer trust the companies with foreign investments. In fact, now that the crisis had passed, it does not matter. You should note the following points: 1) how reliable the company, and 2) what her reputation among those who have been forced to apply for insurance payments, and 3) whether the company is a member of the financial group or corporation, and 4) who make payments in the event ruin the company. akaya Autoinsurance need to travel abroad? "Green Card" from virtually anywhere in the world. Of course, this Autoinsurance is expensive, but without it you will not even be able to enter other countries (especially Europe). Rules for obtaining this insurance policy is the same as for conventional insurance policies. Voluntary motor liability insurance (DPP) Required form of auto insurance "Avtotsivilka" for many years has the standard limits of insurance payments, and at this point in time does not always meet these limits may damage arising from the accident. For complete protection we recommend that you purchase a policy of voluntary civic responsibility (DPP), at the conclusion of which you choose the limits of insurance payments, so you'll be able to predict in advance the expenses, even accidents. Voluntary insurance of civil liability (DPP) allows to increase the limits on insurance benefits provided by CTP, for any damage caused to the injured persons in road accidents: limit for property damage - up to 500,000 USD. limit for damage to life and health - up to 500,000 USD. Contract DPP is in addition to the mandatory contract with the owner of GO and the policy covers the liability of any person who is legally driving. Payment of insurance compensation is carried out after the payment of compensation under the policy of mandatory GO. The territory of the Insurance Contract - Ukraine. When applied to life and health affected persons are reimbursed for expenses associated with: temporary disability persistent disability death When applied to property damage to victims be compensated for the damage associated with: damage or destruction of the vehicle the victim damage or destruction of property of the victim damage or destruction of roads, road construction, traffic control facilities Casco in Ukraine. Hull. Comprehensive insurance and motor hull Hull (Voluntary insurance Land Transport) - the most common type of vehicle insurance, which protects the car from the complex or specific unforeseen circumstances (insurance risk). For insured risks include: road-transport accidents natural disasters explosion, fire inorodyh getting bodies on the surface of the car wrongful acts of third parties stealing a car The insurance contribution (insurance premium) subject to the following factors: selected risk type, brand and price of the car term of the contract conditions of operation of the vehicle age of the car selected insurance programs The benefits of insurance in the insurance company "Universal": the possibility of paying the insurance premium installments onsite as needed Accident compensation for the evacuation of the vehicle from the accident scene the presence of various insurance programs Motivation breakeven customers Insurance discounts for fleets receive compensation without reference traffic police, in certain cases no restrictions on the storage of the vehicle at night * In case of repeated and long-term insurance applies a flexible system of discounts. Voluntary liability insurance (voluntary Motor Third) Automobile insurance can help in emergency situations For any owner of transport is compulsory car insurance. Today there are many different insurance programs machines that are able to provide protection against theft or damage, and provide liability insurance for owners of vehicles. Maximum security and peace of mind will give a comprehensive insurance of any car. Common type of auto insurance is compulsory motor TPL insurance, or "Motor". Through this policy, other road users to be paid compensation for damage received in a traffic accident (RTA). Damage is compensated by the insurance company, which is insured under a contract of responsibility of the driver of land transport, which became responsible for the accident. Insurance company driver who is at fault in an accident, shall indemnify, which caused some property, health and even lives of victims. Roads and highways happens quite a lot of contingencies. Many of these auto insurance can help mitigate the unpleasant consequences. Compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners and land transport is assumed a certain amount of limit, which is often not enough to fully cover the damage caused to third parties injured in road accidents. That is why in recent years, voluntary liability insurance are many owners of cars that need to understand it. After all, were significantly more likely to meet on the road cars of foreign manufacture. This means that the cost of damages will be more expensive. In addition, should take into account the parts of road transport, which typically come from abroad. Their cost is increasing every day. Increase prices and service service stations (SRT). All this amounts to an additional cost. In this case, a combination of mandatory (Motor Third) and the additional automobile insurance is a necessary step that can really save you from large unexpected expenditure of funds. Terms and CTP insurance DSTSPV virtually identical. The main difference between these types of auto insurance is the sum insured. Under the policy DSTSPV in SC "VUSO" total insured amount can range from 30 to 500 000 hryvnia. This greatly enhances your confidence because you know, in case of damage that exceeds beyond the limit set under the policy of CTP, the losses will reimburse the insurance company. In addition, the purchasing policy DSTSPV in our company, you are fully covered their losses associated with the franchise! How is it? There are two options: A. Purchasing the policy in SC "VUSO", you are already insured cars and have a policy of "avtograzhdanki." Then, when the insured event, along with the insurance payment under the policy will reimburse you DSTSPV and franchise established under the policy OSGPO.  Two. You both get in SC "VUSO" policies and avtograzhdanki DSTSPV. In this case, under the policy CTP will automatically be a zero deductible, and the value of the contract with no increase. In addition, the cost of the policy of our company depends on: • the type of your vehicle (MV); • the volume of motor vehicle; • the term of the contract; • type of contract CTP; • the territory of pre-emptive use of vehicle; • the exploitation of the vehicle. The condition of obtaining insurance reimbursement under the policy DSTSPV is when the damage caused to the victim exceeds the limits set under the policy of CTP. The territory of the contract: Ukraine.  If you are interested in this type of car insurance, please leave a request for the purchase of the policy "Voluntary Motor Third" or call - experts IC "VUSO" happy to answer your questions and help with the acquisition policy. Additional programs of car insurance However, auto insurance the insured is not provided avtograzhdanki. In order to insure your own car, its owner must use the auto-Hull. Car insurance for the program provides to its owner to obtain compensation if his car gets damaged in any way for reasons such as accidents, wrongful acts of third parties, natural disasters, falling on the car, and other miscellaneous items, as well as in the case of theft. In order to facilitate auto insurance, we will try to ensure the highest possible level of service and save you time. If you want to know about this type of insurance auto, you can read more about it on the page auto-Casco. a DISCOUNT of up to 35% on policy avtotsivilki + Free shipping insurance on Kiev from leading insurance companies On obligatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners:   Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners ("AVTOTSIVILKA" OSGPO, CTP, OSTSPV, "Motor") - a type of insurance that provides compensation for damage caused to life, health or property of third parties result of an accident during the operation of the vehicle.   Calculate the cost of AVTOTSIVILKI.   Are driving?   Then you must have a policy of compulsory insurance of civil liability motorist. This insurance is compulsory under the Law of Ukraine "On mandatory insurance of civil liability of owners of land vehicles. " On 11/17/2008, the introduced new fines for lack of policy avtotsivilki inscribed GAI officer, a fine ranging from 425 to 850 UAH.   What do I need AVTOTSIVILKI policy (CTP, avtograzhdanki, OSGPO)?   If you have a policy avtotsivilki, the insurance company compensates the damages to third parties incurred as a result of damage to their property, life or health, as a result of an accident, which occurred by your fault. Depending on the characteristics of vehicle use, you can enter into a contract of one of three types: I. type of contract - the insured is liable any person who legally controls the vehicle specified in the policy. II type of contract - the insured is the responsibility of the person who uses any vehicle of the type specified in the policy. III type of contract - the insured is a person (not more than 5), which legally operate a vehicle specified in the policy.   What is the size of the sum insured?   Under the Act, the insured amount (liability limit) for damages caused to property of third parties, set at $ 50,000 USD. On each damaged vehicle (but not more than 5 for the entire period of the contract). The limit of liability for damage to life and health third parties - 100,000 UAH. on one of the victim.   How much is car insurance?      * The cost of car insurance AVTOTSIVILKI (CTP, avtograzhdanki, OSGPO) depends on:    * Type of vehicle (engine size, capacity, number of seats)    * Pre-emptive use of the territory of the TS (Transport sredvstva)    * The type of insurance contract    * The number of insured and driving experience    * Term of the policy   How to make an auto insurance policy AVTOTSIVILKI (CTP, avtograzhdanki, OSGPO)?   Call tel.: 229-21-49, and our specialist will come to you at a convenient time for processing AVTOTSIVILKI policy (CTP, avtograzhdanki, OSGPO)   Enter into a contract AVTOTSIVILKI (CTP, avtograzhdanki, OSGPO) You can submit the following documents:      * License for driving a car or motorcycle (any vehicle - "TC")    * Certificate of registration of vehicle (technical passport)    * Document, which affirms the right of ownership or control vehicle (unless you are the owner of the vehicle)
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