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CAR LOAN 2012 • Do you want to drive a new car today? • Do you want to operate the car without paying its full cost? • Do you want not to overpay for the loans? Then the dealer "Auto Choice" offers you the opportunity to buy a car loan at the most favorable conditions that exist on the car loan market. Our company operates in the market for over 5 years, with vast experience and thousands of satisfied customers all over Ukraine. We work with leading automotive manufacturers and can offer exactly the car you want. Our team managers will select for you the most favorable conditions for car loans according to your wishes, will hold a consultation on the loan and explain all the details of loan programs. We are always happy to give you expert advice at the expense of purchasing a car loan. Individual approach to each client. Understand your problem - go to meet YOU! ! !  Promotional car loan terms "new car", ADVANCE for cars ranging from 0 (no down payment): • Interest rate:        1 year - 4 years 8.4% - 14.9%       2 years - 5 years 13.4% - 15.9%       3 years - 7 years 14.4% - 15.9%                                       Promotional terms of car loan "B / U AUTO": The interest rate is used for cars - an advance of 20%:    1 year-13.22% -15.75% 2 years, 3 years - 16.84% 5-year 18.02%    Place of registration, registration does not matter (loans to all of Ukraine)  Perhaps arrange a car loan without income  Perhaps the initial costs to include in the loan (NO ADVANCE FOR RENT)   We accompany the client at all stages: • Selection of the optimal program avtokreditnoy • Review of loan application • Making cars in the traffic police authorities • Signing of loan agreement • The transfer of the vehicle owner Our advantages: • The minimum down payment • Fixed interest rate • Interest accrued on the balance • The maximum term of car loans • No hidden fees • Early repayment without penalties and commissions • Car loans granted in national currency • trade-in (ability to swap your old car to new one) 94% OF OUR CUSTOMERS GET CREDIT POSITIVE SOLUTION! ! ! Decision time - 40 minutes. From time to provide documents to get the car - up to 3 days. Make a loan (term) you can at a convenient time for you. All you need to do - is to gather the necessary documents and to contact us. All subsequent work on the design of the loan will take our credit specialist. If you do not live in the Kiev area? - This is not a problem. We can do everything remotely. You will need to come to Kiev for a day, to sign the loan agreement and the receipt of his car.   The advantages of buying a car loan in the cabin "Auto Choice" Favorably today to take a loan to buy a car? Showroom "Auto Choice" offers car loans throughout Ukraine on the best terms for you. Of course, the ideal option when you already have the required amount of money and you only have to choose the right vehicle for you. But what happens when that same amount just did not? Does it make sense to save for many years? In this case, you can use our services and get a car loan. At the same time you will save precious time and you can enjoy your brand new car right now. Today Ukraine's showrooms offer a variety of options to acquire vehicles, including a loan. And it should be noted that this form have become increasingly common. There is perhaps worth mentioning that you will be offered the condition of the bank, which cooperates with the interior. Often the conditions there are not very favorable: high interest rate or down payment of 30-40%. In any case, you can always take a printout and compare where the conditions are more favorable for you. If you have not decided finally to the choice of car, visiting the salon, of course, an alternative to a different brand of the question, can not be. Showroom "Auto Select" works with all brands of cars in Ukraine. Our qualified staff will give advice on any matters relating to buying cars on credit. Of course, the notorious crisis largely undermined the reputation of credit, but it got people to treat all financial transactions and reasonably cautious approach to the purchase of new products. Therefore, the issue of car loans and many are still cautious. This is true, although I am sure that is necessary to consider the trend of a rapid return to the banks to the credit conditions krizesnym cars. Credits are now bound only to the national currency, and that not least, with the possibility of early repayment without penalty and commissions. Moreover, as long as you pay the car loan, you traveled on the new car, and in some cases even save ... . Swap an old car to new is not a problem if you are a customer showroom "Auto". You only need to contact our experienced appraiser. Score a free car. With the help of Auto Dealer you will be able to obtain a car loan at the most favorable terms, while spending a minimum of vremini and effort. You only need to send (via E-mail or bring in person) the necessary documents to the manager. All the other efforts we undertake! Auto Choice - this is always satisfied customers driving your own car! Trade-in program Trade-in - it is an opportunity to change your old car to new one, paying only the difference in price. If you already have a car and you want to change it to the next, the program trades Institute can help you carry out this desire, protect you from unnecessary red tape, the loss of nerves, time and money. The team of "Auto" appreciates the time and their clients to purchase a new vehicle brought nothing but good feelings, we offer you a trade-in program.                                                        How do I do? You choose a new car and come on my old car for evaluation. After the diagnosis of our experts agree with you the price of your car. At your request, deregistration in the SAI and the registration of the contract of sale car, we will undertake. In the future sale of your old car do our specialists.                                          Why does the system trade-in is beneficial? - You instantly get rid of old cars; - Do not waste energy, time and money searching for buyers, advertising in magazines, trips to the car market; - No risk; - Do not wait until your car is sold, but simply to agree on a price. Purchase of car leasing Leasing - the concept is not new, but a lot of people confuse it with credit. In fact, leasing (leasing a new car and used car leasing) - long-term lease with a subsequent right of redemption or the same object return to its owner at the end of the period stipulated by the contract. The car lease - the best financial solution for those who appreciate the time, effort and know how to count money. Offering a service to the acquisition of vehicles for leasing, our company primarily takes care of its customers who want the personal use of the car at the most favorable terms. Various leasing programs (operational and financial leasing of cars), car leasing terms are available (minimum percentage of pre-paid long-term contract), the set of related services, a wide range of proposed vehicles (car leasing domestic producers and foreign cars, lease cars and supported by new equipment) - this is not a complete list of competitive advantages of our company, contributing to the recognition of one of the top leasing companies in Ukraine. Many car leasing companies will offer you a car for personal use, then we will pick up the vehicle for you according to your personal wishes and possibilities of the material.                                                                 Terms and conditions: Down Payment - 20% of the cost of leasing object; The lease term - from 1 to 5 years depending on the subject of leasing;  Interest rates to 5% in foreign currency up to 15% - to UAH down payment of 10% and a term of 1 to 5 years. It is also customized for the needs of your business can be picked up by the most appropriate schedule of payments: annuity, a classic with a decreasing balance, seasonal. The advance is paid only for the cost of the project, all costs of registration, insurance, maintenance included in monthly lease payments; The standard package of leasing include: fees for financing, registration, payment of vehicle tax, due to Pension Fund, the passage in the OT to the traffic police (for trucks), Administration of insurance claims, unlimited mileage / lifespan.                                                            Advantages: The flexibility of the conditions of financial leasing The advance is paid only for the cost of the car, all the costs of registration, insurance, maintenance included in monthly lease payments Interest-free installment plan to pay for car insurance for the duration of the leasing Efficiency in decision making Comprehensive services Ability to optimize maintenance costs by incorporating the cost of maintenance in the monthly payments Customer support for the road: Administration of the purchase of fuel! We save you time, we administer all of your payments, the negotiations for the fuel! At the same time you keep the possibility of writing off the gross cost of fuel; Administration of replacement tires (writing to carry out tire, tire search); Administration of repairs and teh.obsluzhivaniya (record for carrying out MOT, repairs, warranty administrative cases); Hotline (call traffic police, the Interior Ministry, Emergency Situations, "first aid" advice a lawyer, a doctor, an organization of expert assessment of the damage the car, the transfer of emergency information at the request of a client by phone to any third party, booking air and railway tickets, hotel reservations, information and background Services: navigation on the road, weather, search and order parts, car dealerships, parking lots, and many others); The evacuation of the vehicle from the accident scene or at a car breakdown and the inability to transport it yourself to the nearest station or place of residence (total limit - 1,000 USD for unlimited number of calls); Technical assistance on the road: the replacement of the wheel puncture, supply of fuel (fuel cost is paid for separately), start the engine in case of problems. In accordance with your needs, we select for you the object of lease, terms of delivery and insurance payments provide for the registration and pay an motor vehicle tax, MOT pass in the SAI, administer insurance claims, etc. All this allows to obtain and use the car at minimal cost to your force, time and money.                                  4 steps for the acquisition of property on lease: Consult an expert and get an offer; Make a request and provide a package of documents (according to the set list); Sign a contract, pay an advance payment, insurance; Get the property. Documents required for registration of financial leasing Personal data: passport, a certificate of assignment of individual tax number (code), marriage certificate (if applicable), driver's license (if available). In Ukraine, we can again buy a car loan with no down payment shares in showrooms | On July 1, 2009 in the official dealership Mitsubishi «NIKO-Ukraine" are sensational new car loan terms from "NIKO Capital" - namely, the entire range of Mitsubishi reduced the size of the down payment to zero. Any car can get a loan without a down payment for a period of 5 years, the rate of 15% in local currency for the entire period. So, today you can become the owner of luxury car Misubishi Galant and Grandis, dynamic representatives Mitsubishi Lancer Family, updated Mitsubishi Colt, powerful off-road 4x4 range - Pajero, Outlander XL and L200, the recognized leaders of the speed Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Lancer X Ralliart. Each of these cars in the park before the test car dealership "NIKO-Ukraine" and is available for a test drive at a convenient time for you. Dealership "NIKO-Ukraine" provides a full range of services that accompany the purchase of the car - a test drive on a special route, insurance on favorable terms from the general insurance partner of SC "Indigo" trade-in, support in the design of the car in the traffic police. Always glad to see you at our dealership!   The company "NIKO - Ukraine" - the official dealer of Mitsubishi cars in Kiev region. Operating on the Ukrainian market since 1995. The main activity is the sale of new cars Mitsubishi, warranty and maintenance, sale of original spare parts and accessories for cars, cosmetics. To date, "NIKO-Ukraine" is the largest dealer of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine (17% of all sales in Ukraine). According to the rating of Ukrainian Investment Newspaper in 2008, the company "NIKO-Ukraine" was awarded "Best companies of Ukraine." The company "NIKO - Ukraine" is part of the Group "NICO", which main activities are: automotive business (import, distribution, retail sales and service), the operation of the financial sector (insurance, leasing, financing and lending, investment and management assets), construction, transportation, customs brokerage and corporate social responsibility. Turnover of the Group of Companies "NICO" in 2008 totaled more than $ 1.5 billion more on the Group of Companies "NIKO» -
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